Kirakira+ App Filters Guide

Kirakira Filters for iOS 11 Camera

There are seven different settings on Kirakira+ App. To get a sense of what they’re like, here they are in order.

Kirakira filter

This filter gives you a classic white-and-silver sparkle.

Twinkle filter

This adds more of a colorful sparkle than Kirakira.


The Airly filter is a lot softer and whiter, with a nice smoky glow.


This filter gives everything in the video a vintage-y faded effect with multicolored sparkles.


The Shine filter makes everything a bit more shiny and tan.


This filter has bright sparkles like Color, but doesn’t wash out the rest of the image as much.


Glare gives everything a foggy, hazy look.

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How to use Kirakira+

To use the app, open it and give it access to your camera and your microphone. The microphone is optional, but you’ll need to give it access to your camera or it won’t work at all.

You can take videos and photos with this app. All Videos & Photos save directly to your camera roll, where you can upload it to Instagram, Snapchat or wherever else you want.

Kirakira+ App Camera for Android

In today’s Internet world Selfies and Photo Editors go hand in hand. That’s why it’s important to possess a really good photo editor. Kirakira+ App Camera for Android is your key to the perfect Selfie and the astonishment of your friends!

The app is a quick and easy way to share square photos to your Instagram. To others that might not seem like a big deal, but Instagram users know how important such a tool can be. Kirakira App Camera is an excellent app, which everyone deserves! It’s great when you want to post fantastic and shining photos and videos, in order to get more likes and follows. Who doesn’t want that?

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Kirakira Camera Free Sparkling Effect
Kirakira+ Sparkling Effect

Along with all the great features and options, I mentioned above, there’s also more wherein Kirakira+ App Camera those came from!

  • 7 unique light filters
  • the front flash option
  • No crop photos
  • Switch camera
  • Easy save and share

Don’t forget there is also the option to share your photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Kirakira+ Online can be downloaded on phones, tablets, and PC (Windows and Mac). iPhone users can get it on iTunes. Android users can’t download it in Google Play. PC users can download apps like Kirakira in order to use it on their personal computers by using Bluestacks.

Kirakira+ Camera Free

Kirakira+ App Camera Glitter Effects

As you might have already guessed, this article will be about Kirakira+ Camera photo & video editor. But it’s not just any photo editor. It’s one that makes photos sparkling and glamorous!

If you want to make ANY photo perfect fast, you can count on this app! Unlike other photo editors, Kirakira+ App Camera offers new and inovate filters and tools. Some of which are: glare, twinkle, airly, color, shine and bling-bling.

How to use Kirakira+ Camera?

Kirakira+ Camera is as easy to use as apps come: You open it to the camera, similar to Snapchat, and can swipe from right to left to switch filters. There’s a flash along the top of the screen, and a side toolbar that lets you adjust the intensity of the sparkle. You can only take videos — not still shots — which are immediately saved to your camera roll after you provide the app permission.

From there, you can upload the videos to Instagram and Instagram Stories. This is the route many have taken during fashion week, using the app to add an extra glimmer to everything from rhinestone-covered manicures to glasses of champagne at after-parties.

Kirakira+ Free Camera has seven sparkle modes to accentuate anything that emits light or is reflective on or around you: Twinkle, Airly, Color, Shine, Bling-bling, Glare, and the classic, Kirakira. The filters change the color of your image and the hue of the sparkles, which are silvery in some and multicolored in others.

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You can tune any of the offered effects with perfect precision. All of your edits will be as professional as you could have ever imagined!

With Kirakira+ Camera Online you have the option to not only app “shine” effects to your photos, but also express yourself on social media. For example, you can upload your new Kirakira Camera Video to your Instagram stories see how your fans and friend will react.

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